Sacramento Dance Community Meeting


The state of the Sacramento Kings dance entertainment teams

Meeting Details

Tuesday, April 19 from 8-9pm at the Sac Dance Lab Clubhouse



Current and former 916 Crew and Kings Dancers, dance community leaders


Improve the collaboration of local dancers and the Sacramento Kings by publishing an open report with feedback and suggestions driven by community consensus

Welcome - Isela and Brandon Ortiz

1. Local Pro-Dance Overview

  1. A brief history of the Sac Kings hiring dance entertainment
  1. I
  1. Observing the effects of the 2018 leadership turnover on the dance community
  1. Lack of trust in the organization to provide a professional entertainment job
  2. Kings’ entertainment teams no longer viewed as community ambassadors
  3. Loss of coveted opportunities for talent such as annual training conventions and working with industry-leading choreographers
  4. Decline in social media presence and online engagement
  1. Why we should care about this issue
  1. Creative economy development
  2. Advocate for artists rights
  3. Sacramento could be the first example of how local dance communities can be highlighted by professional sports organizations
  1. What puts our community in the position to influence the Kings
  1. Our ability to organize and collaborate on solutions
  2. Diverse combined knowledge and experience
  1. Who could support us and benefit from this effort?
  1. DOCO businesses, restaurants, community leaders
  1. Increase traffic, activate the general area

Sharing Experiences - Loren Adams, Leanne Ruiz, Kiara Downs and Jolie Roberts

Community Brainstorm - Breakout Groups

1. What is working well?

  1. Diverse cast
  2. Variety of dance genres
  3. Fan support

2. What could use improvement?

  1. Leadership experienced in pro-dance/adult team management
  2. Engaging with the local dance community year round
  3. Access to pro-level choreography conventions
  4. Increased NBA ambassadorship
  1. More community appearances
  2. Year-round fan engagement

3. How can we create more opportunities for the local dance community?

  1. Put a call out for local choreographers to set a court routine
  2. Collaborative performance with community groups (ie, multicultural days)
  3. Create opportunities for youth participation
  4. Call on local dance professionals to sit on judging panel and advise throughout the season

4. Supporter recommendations?

Summarize and Share

We plan to capture the meeting information by note taking and summarizing ideas to develop a collaborative report published on

At the meeting, we will identify whether participants would like to be identified and/or quoted in the report. The goal in identifying community members is to demonstrate the diversity, expertise and reach of our community.

Unable to make it to the meeting? We still want to hear from you! Use our Comment Form to share your thoughts.