#SACRAMENTODANCERS a proposal by Sac Dance Lab and its community members

Imagine an NBA dance team that performs a variety of styles, has versatile dancers and showcases original choreography by local artists! Sac Dance Lab aims to work with the Sacramento Kings as a creative consultant to develop a community-led dance team that truly represents our city’s style, culture and people.

Since opening in 2017, Sac Dance Lab has grown to be the hub of commercial dance training and dance gig opportunities in the region. The studio hosts over 100 classes monthly for kids and adults in hip hop, jazz, heels, contemporary and more. Our team of instructors has helped train many now-professionals for dance jobs with the NBA, NFL, national tours and music videos. Our community is not short on dedication, skill or talent, but we need access to opportunities to share our craft - especially as we emerge from a pandemic.

Ideally, Sac Dance Lab would become the training space and community connection for the Sacramento Kings dance team.

Sac Dance Lab believes it can be a resource for the Kings and the local dance community by implementing a collaboration plan that improves the team’s quality, diversity and professionalism each season. This plan would leverage the strengths of each organization for maximum community benefit, engagement and representation.

We feel confident taking this on because of our talented network and purpose-built facility; many Sacramento Kings Dancers and 916 Crew members are regularly involved with our studio as instructors, choreographers and dancers.
Our combined experience, hard work and desire to propel the local dance industry has inspired us to make this request.

By working directly with a community of local movement artists and a studio that specializes in adult commercial dance training, the Kings can become powerful contributors to Sacramento’s creative economy while proudly offering an innovative approach to in-game entertainment. One of the greatest things the Kings can offer Sacramento artists is a well-defined, professional performance dance team that kids and young artists can look up to - and aspiring performers can strive for.

We believe we’ve got what it takes to be the community dance studio for the Sacramento Kings dance team. If you believe in us, too, SIGN OUR PETITION!



A panel of five or more dance and entertainment professionals are appointed to select: clinic instructors, audition judges, choreographers and team leaders. The panel works closely with the Kings and Sac Dance Lab to modify the collaboration plan as needed.

Sac Dance Lab hosts a series of affordable audition clinics which focus on learning choreography in various styles, discussing team expectations and getting direct feedback from instructors to help dancers prepare for auditions.

The audition process is a great opportunity to engage fans and we propose that it become a live or streamed event. The process would be three-days featuring a dance audition, interview and final performance.

Online submissions for local choreographers to present material and possibly be selected to create full performance routines.

Rehearsals are run by the team leaders who also format, clean and record material for the season. Sac Dance Lab manages choreographer scheduling and offers additional rehearsal time and space if more practice is needed.

The team leaders and panel schedule a rotating cast of dancers to perform one 75-second routine per home game. This ensures the team’s strengths in various styles can be highlighted. Additionally, the panel and Sac Dance Lab regularly plan workshops and events to safely connect with King’s fans outside of the arena.  

*COVID restrictions and guidelines will be considered in this tentative plan.

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